"It was 1989, and I had traveled the world snowboarding and pioneering a sideways life. I needed a way to express what I’d seen, heard and felt in mountains, gondolas, lift lines, café’s, bars, bookstores, planes, trains and automobiles that carried me through the world. I wanted to send a message to anyone that would listen – snowboarding will change your life, if you let it.

Bonfire was that message.” 

- Bonfire Founder, Brad Steward

So It Began…

Riding since 1985, Chris Roach left a mark on the formative years of snowboarding with his unmistakable style. His talent is legendary and his style of “method air” was called by many the “Grasser Air” after his home town of Grass Valley, CA. A skateboarder, a true badass, and one hell of a nice dude, Bonfire is proud to celebrate the past, present, and future with Bonfire Legend Chris Roach.